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Dangerous Creatures home to pastel reticulated python

By: Ann Kunz

Dangerous Creatures is now a permanent home for Ivan the one eyed pastel reticulated python.

When uShaka Sea World staff heard that a python had been born with one eye and needed specialist care, they immediately offered their assistance.

He has been in the rehabilitation centre for the past couple of months to ensure that despite his physical challenges, he is able to thrive. Thankfully his sense of smell is excellent, and he is able to feed and move around his exhibit perfectly. Reticulated pythons are virtually deaf and rely heavily on their sense of smell, touch, heat and vibrations to navigate their environment.

At the moment Ivan measures just under one metre but we expect him to reach adult size of around six meters in the next six to seven years.

“As with many other reptiles, looking after Ivan requires specialised husbandry we are thankfully able to provide. It has been a pleasure and a privilege caring for Ivan and we hope that you will look out this strikingly beautiful snake on your next visit” said Senior Herpetologist, Lesley Labuschagne.