70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Counting fishermen

By: Dr Bruce Mann

How do you work out how many people fish along the KZN coast? You count them of course – but that is easier said than done. This year ORI will take to the skies to count anglers in an effort to estimate total angling effort and spatial distribution of effort along the KZN coast. This information will be used to try and improve current management of the KZN marine shore fishery.

The first flight took place on the 13 January and, being a beautiful morning with a small swell and not much wind, the anglers were out in force! Between Virginia and Port Edward Dr Bruce Mann counted nearly 900 shore anglers.  Flying further south along the magnificent Pondoland coast, it was good to see that there were no ski-boats poaching in the restricted area of the Pondoland Marine Protected Area. A secondary objective of these flights is to put “eyes in the sky” and to look for any illegal activities taking place within the coastal zone and to report them to the relevant authorities.

The flight was made possible thanks to the Bateleurs, a team of pilots who voluntarily offer their services to conservation projects.