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Collaborative project between ORI and Oceans Without Borders

By : Ryan Daly

In 2019 we started a collaborative project with Oceans Without Borders (https://www.oceanswb.org) to tag and track top marine predators in the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (BANP) in Mozambique. The aim of the research is to understand the movements of top predators within the BANP in relation to marine protected area boundaries. 
One of the focal species is the Giant Trevally, an iconic top predatory reef fish that remains vulnerable to overfishing. The other species is the endangered grey reef shark that plays a key top predatory role within their associated marine ecosystems. 
In order to track these species’ habitat use in relation to the marine protected area boundaries in which they occur, we rely on an array of underwater acoustic receivers that detect acoustic tags fitted to each animal. Since 2019 we have worked with the Marine Megafauna Foundation to establish and maintain a network of receivers that now monitors the movements of these species. We hope to gain a better understanding of their movements so that we can work together with the BANP management to improve conservation for these important and threatened species