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CoastKZN – A window into the KwaZulu-Natal Coast

By: Bronwyn Goble

Our KZN coast is a cherished environment, supporting a diverse biodiversity and a wide range of socio-economic activities and users. It is therefore important that this zone be effectively managed and that coastal users have a better understanding of the dynamics of this zone. These two factors lead to the development of CoastKZN; an interactive web-based information portal that focuses on the KZN coast. The website provides a broad range of information and data about the KZN coast informing both management and coastal users.

CoastKZN aims to engage government, in supporting their ICM obligations, provide relevant and topical information to the general public and excitingly offer a platform for users to engage in citizen science. Anyone can submit information, pictures or data about the KZN coast that is shared with other users and helps to form long-term data sets. These range from coastal snaps to identifying erosion hotspots or estuarine mouth status on a particular day.

The site offers four main access areas that help users easily navigate to the information they are looking for.
A Coastal Themes section provides detailed information coastal topics, such as coastal access, pollution, boat launch sites, coastal risk and estuaries types.

The Explore the Coast links to an interactive map and associated spatial data, such as a coastal vulnerability index, coastal access routes, land cover and estuarine functional zones.

Governance at your fingertips houses are the legislation, regulations, bylaws and guidelines relevant to coastal management.

Lastly there is a handy How do I? section providing information on how to report activities, apply for permits and contact various government departments.

Please visit www.coastkzn.co.za for more information – we hope you will find this site useful.

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