70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Classroom resources for World Ocean Day

We continue our World Ocean Day celebrations:

One of the aims of World Ocean Day is to show the impact that human actions have on the ocean, and hopefully create a worldwide movement to protect the world’s ocean. At SAAMBR we strive to help people to care for the ocean, and as the 8th of June was World Ocean Day, schools across our country are teaching about the ocean in their classroom. Five things you can do to support World Ocean day are: 

  1. Use fewer single use plastic items
  2. Help take care of the beach by doing beach clean ups
  3. Make sustainable seafood choices
  4. Put litter in the bin so that it doesn’t end up in the sea
  5. Support Organizations Working to Protect the Ocean.

​For classroom resources visit:

Download the full colouring in sheet