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Ann Kunz 


Chubby has been relocated to a quiet beach on the KZN south coast

Just over a week ago, a gorgeous elephant seal arrived on a busy KZN north coast beach after travelling from the sub-Antarctic.

As she seemed oblivious to the threats associated with lying around on a busy beach, and showed no signs of heading back to the ocean, a decision was made to relocate her to a quieter beach on KZN’s lower south coast.

Before she was relocated, she spent a few days under observation at uShaka Sea World. During her short stay, she was observed closely by the SAAMBR animal care staff.  Prior to her arrival she had been given the name Chubby and when we met her for the first time, her name made so much sense.

She appeared to be in excellent health and even started eating chokka squid which was offered to her in the water.  Fortunately, she did not require medical treatment.

Before the sun came up this morning, she was coaxed into a transport box staff by staff from both Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and SAAMBR and relocated to a quite beach on the KZN lower south coast  

We were advised not to tag her with the standard yellow flipper tag prior to her release and instead to paint a white circle on her rear with a non-toxic paint. This identification marking was done so that she will be easily identifiable over the next couple of weeks.  

If you happen to see her on a beach on either one of KZN’s central or northern beaches please give us a call on our 24 hour number  031 – 328 8060.




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