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Celebrating New Year with the oceans in mind

By: Dr Judy Mann

We all know that there is no better time than January to make resolutions that will guide us through the year.  Why not include resolutions that address simple lifestyle changes which you could make that will lower your impact on nature.  After all, we depend on nature for our very existence. 

Being environmentally aware can be quite overwhelming as there are so many issues, concerns, opinions and causes throughout the world.  This is why it is important to start off by making one or two, day to day, resolutions that are doable and sustainable.

When millions of people make small adjustments to their daily routines an enormous  change can and will be made.  Millions and millions of likeminded people all over the world are making environmentally aware 2018 New Year’s resolutions – why not join this amazing group of people who care deeply about the health of the ocean.

Every step we take towards living a life in harmony with nature is a step in the right direction. Our future, and that of our children, depends on what each one of us does today.

Here are a few examples of some lifestyle changes that would, without doubt, benefit the environment.

  • Say “No Thank You” to single use plastic. Carry a material bag with you to the supermarket and shops and don’t leave home without a refillable drinking bottle. If you have a drinking bottle with you, you will be less tempted to purchase a soft drink or coffee in single use plastic.
  • Eat more plant based meals – every 1kg of meat protein requires the same amount of energy to produce as between 3Kg and 10Kg of vegetable protein.
  • Eat sustainably from the sea as well as the land. Choose MSC certified or SASSI approved sea food and commit to only purchasing locally grown, in season, fruits and vegetables.
  • Take public transport, walk, cycle or car pool to work – this will be good for both you and the planet. Exercise is good for you and sharing is caring.
  • What’s in your cosmetic bag matters. Many everyday household products like toothpaste, face and body wash contain millions of microbeads which could end up in the ocean after being flushed down your drain.
  • Making a cuppa – make sure that you don’t fill the kettle if you are only making tea for yourself – this will not only benefit the environment but your pocket too.
  • Always turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth and wherever possible, choose short showers instead of deep baths.
  • Harsh chemicals innocently find their way from your kitchen sink into wetlands with devastating consequences. Try to use environmentally friendly cleaning methods. There are so many natural cleaning recipes online – have fun finding out which ones work best for you.

These are just a few of the examples – we would love to hear from you and share your New Year Resolution story.  If you have pictures you would like to share we would be delighted to post your pictures with your story on our Instagram account.  

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