70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Celebrating Gambit, a very special dolphin

By: Ann Kunz

Happy 47th Birthday to Gambit, uShaka Sea World’s oldest and most famous dolphin. On the 29 July 2018, the uShaka Sea World family will celebrate Gambit’s special day with a large cake, and singing with old and new friends.

Gambit, a true ambassador for the oceans, is a national icon and has inspired more than 18 million South Africans to care for the marine environment.  His ability to touch the hearts of people and inspire them to care for the ocean has enabled him to achieve more for marine conservation than any other marine animal in South Africa.

Gambit, who currently weighs around 480 kilograms is father to six of the uShaka Sea World dolphins and grandfather to one.  Generations of people have ‘met’ Gambit. As children, many of us can recall when we first met him.  As parents we have been able to share our experiences with our children. At uShaka Sea World we can recreate those wonderful memories of meeting Gambit with our children. Recently, more and more grandparents are visiting Gambit to share these same very special memories of Gambit with their grandchildren.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate and thank Gambit during the dolphin presentations on Saturday 29th July at either 11:30 or 15:00 and to share your stories and pictures of Gambit on Twitter @SAAMBR or @Instagram SA_Biological_Research or alternately send an email to info@seaworld.org.za

SAAMBR funds important research that contributes to marine conservation. In addition, each year over 130 000 learners, many from underprivileged backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience a dolphin at uShaka Sea World.  For most of these children it is their only chance to connect with this magnificent creature, an experience that often stays with them for a lifetime.

For more information please contact Ann Kunz on 031 328 8152.