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Cosha Udoti

We are excited to share the release of Cosha Udoti with you. This is a dual language (English and isiZulu) children’s book with a powerful environmental message. The aim of the book is to generate an understanding about pollution and the effect it has on marine and coastal environments; through the adventures of uKhozi, the wise fish eagle, and a young boy, Themba. Together they uncover the importance of putting litter into rubbish bins. uKhozi takes Themba on a journey from home to visit a river, an estuary and the beach. Along the way, they discover all the harmful effects of pollution on wildlife and the value of picking up litter and disposing of it correctly. We hope that your school, and children will benefit from this book and the message it aims to share.

As a marine research organisation, the Oceanographic Research Organisation (ORI) undertakes a range of research on the coastal environment. Through this research we have developed a sound understanding of the management challenges for our coastal environment, especially pollution and litter. We believe that education and awareness around these environmental issues is critical, especially when it comes to our youth. Cosha Udoti was developed to depict real management challenges in a simple, easy format for young children to understand. We hope that this book is the first in a series of many, following the teaching of uKhozi.

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Animals Of The Rocky Shores

Have you ever explored the rocky shores of our East Coast and wondered what that little crab is eating? Or if that really is a beautiful underwater flower? Or why the carpet of green things is so slippery? Or even just what is it – while gazing at an unusual little animal? If yes – then this new little book is for you.

Animals of the Rocky Shores is published by the Flora and Fauna Publications Trust and written by marine biologists Judy and Bruce Mann. Beautifully designed by Di Martin, the writing is easy to understand and accessible to all, with hundreds of photographs that make the text come alive. The photos are all taken in the field, making identification of the many animals so much easier. The little book was produced to complement the Beach Book, by Jerry Gosnell, and is the same small size, easy enough to slip into your pocket or your beach bag.

The book introduces readers to the fascinating world of our East Coast Rocky Shores. The first part describes the environment, with tips on when and how to explore this area. The second part of the book is devoted to the identification of over 140 of the animals found living in the rocky shore environment. The species have been carefully selected to ensure that almost all of the common animals have been included. The photos were taken by many photographers, but Dennis King, Annette Gerber and Valda Fraser deserve a special mention for their contributions. Members of the Westville Camera Club also contributed images. Editing by legendary marine biologists Professors George Branch and Charles Griffiths ensured that the most up to date information was included.

All of the proceeds from the book will be used by the Flora and Fauna Publications Trust to fund research and publication on our indigenous plants in order to stimulate greater care and understanding of our exceptionally rich and diverse environment.

Obtainable from Flora & Fauna Publications Trust

ISBN 978-0-920-80195-9 : 145 pages : 11x15x.75cms : First edition 2018

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