70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Best Novice Presentation awarded at MCEN 2018

By: Jone Porter and Preleen Govender

Each year passionate educators gather for the annual Marine and Coastal Educators Network (MCEN) workshop. Aimed at providing an opportunity to share ideas about how to inspire people to care for the environment, these workshops have been running for 18 years.

This year Preleen Govender from our Education team had the honour of representing SAAMBR at the workshop, which was held in the Northern Cape. She was awarded the Best Novice Presentation 2018, for her presentation entitled “Size Matters”. Her presentation looked at the importance of the microscope and alternative methods to introduce a microscope to those who do not have access to one.

The inspiration behind her idea was to emphasise the importance of recognising and appreciating micro-ecosystems, as these form the basis of the macro-ecosystems on planet earth.