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Beachfront preparations for season

By Simon Chater

The `sand pumping‘ currently taking place on the beachfront south of uShaka Marine World is part of the ongoing beach restoration work done by city authorities. This sand pumping scheme was launched in 1982 after extensive research by the CSIR.

The `sand pumping’ is intended to replenish sand which is continually being lost along the Durban beachfront due to the longshore northwards movement of sand up the KZN coast.

Replacement of sand which is lost by this process is attributed to the presence of the harbour breakwaters and the `sand trap’ on the ​sea side of the South Pier which restricts the northward movement of sand up the coast.

Sand from the sand trap is collected by a dredger which connects to a pump station situated at the harbour entrance and from there it is pumped onto the beach.    The piles of sand are then levelled by bulldozers. 

The current sand pumping operation has been timed to ensure that our beaches are in good condition over the upcoming Easter holiday period.  We are expecting another bumper season this Easter and are looking forwarded to welcoming our visitors to Durban. 


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