70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By : Ann Kunz

And the good news is – Tweni appears to be on the road to recovery
When we last reported on Tweni, the subantarctic fur seal who stranded on the beach at Umtentweni on Saturday 28th May, he had only just arrived at uShaka Sea World.
He is now feeding well on an assortment of sardine, squid and hake which the staff offer to him at intervals throughout the day.
He spends most of his day lying around the side of the pool interspersed with long energetic periods in the water frolicking and grooming. Although he is underweight, his x-rays and bloods showed no areas of concern. The injury to his eye was confirmed as an old injury which required no treatment.
We are currently working out his target weight and once that is set, we will work towards helping him achieve his target weight.
“We have no way of knowing precisely how long it will take for him to reach his goal weight as it depends on many variables. As soon as he is close to his target we will start working on plans for his release.
Until then, he will probably continue to laze around the side of the pool watching the curious humans as they go about their duties trying to meet his every need” said Lead Animal Behaviourist, Hayley Tennant.
We will keep you updated on his progress