70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

Donatello popped over to the dolphinarium today to wish Affrika a Happy 26th Birthday.

Affrika was born to parents, Gambit and Sandy, at the old Sea World when it was located at the end of West Street. uShaka Sea World’s Mammal and Bird Curator, Gabby Harris, remembers the day well. “I was on night duty when her mom went into labour and immediately called the entire team who arrived at lightning speed to join me in witnessing Affrika’s birth. I have been in love with this special princess ever since that moment.”

Affrika is the most attentive dolphin in the uShaka Sea World family and is always the first dolphin to come and greet the staff. Although she is one of the smaller dolphins, she makes the most noise and is a constant chatterbox. She gets on well with the other dolphins in her group and has an endearing and unique way of cleverly manipulating the staff.

After the first dolphin show this morning, she shared most of her beautiful birthday cake with the female dolphins, Tombi, Khanya, Khethiwe, Frodo and Zulu before Donatello arrived and finished off the cake.