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A tip for successful tag and release

By: Stuart Dunlop

Air exposure has been shown to significantly reduce fish survival. In some species (e.g. Natal stumpnose), as little as 30 seconds out of the water is enough to cause death. The longer a fish is kept out of the water the lower its chances are of surviving.

For this reason, we advise all of our tagging members, particularly those fishing off a beach, to try and use a bucket filled with fresh seawater (or rock pool) when tagging and releasing fish. This video is a short demonstration on how to effectively use a bucket when tagging and releasing a fish.

Remember, if you are planning on tagging any fish always have your tagging kit ready and a plan of action once your fish has been landed.

ORI Tag, or more formally known as the Oceanographic Research Institute’s Cooperative Fish Tagging Project (ORI-CFTP), is a citizen science monitoring project that involves the cooperation of conservation-conscious anglers (i.e. anglers who voluntarily tag and release their fish) and the marine angling public at large, who report the majority of the recaptures (i.e. a fish that is recaught with a tag in it) to ORI. 

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