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A guide to help fishermen and divers understand the new Marine Protected Areas in KZN

ORI scientists have translated the new MPA regulations for KZN into maps which can be viewed using google earth or google maps. The maps can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device and allows one to see the MPA boundaries and respective regulations by clicking on the colour coded zones. Users can also see their relative position to the MPA boundaries when using location services on mobile devices. The maps allows one to explore the new MPA’s and get to know the new regulations.

In addition, Dr Bruce Mann has produced 4 short videos that explain the zonation in each MPA. 

We hope that these maps and videos will help fishermen and divers to better understand the zonation and associated regulations.

And will help to resolve some of the confusion around the use of these important areas. 

MPAs are one of the most valuable tools to help protect our marine biodiversity and fish resources. Together with other fisheries management tools, they will help to ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy our oceans and still catch fish. 

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