Fact Sheets
Cartilaginous Fish

Black-tip reef shark

(Carcharhinus melanopterus)

The black-tip reef shark is found in shallow waters on reefs, occasionally near drop-offs and offshore. They are believed to enter estuaries and even freshwater in some areas. They are known to enter incredibly shallow water and are often seen in water less than 30cm deep with the dorsal fin protruding above the surface.


Giant guitarfish

(Rhynchobatus djiddenis)

The giant guitarfish has a noticeably long snout, making the head longer than it is wide. The upper surface has many white spots on a khaki to dark-brown background.


Scalloped hammerhead

(Sphyrna lewini)

Its head is shaped with the eyes on the end of a “hammer” to give a wide range of vision, an advantage when chasing after fast-moving fish.


Sharks and rays

These amazing creatures are amongst so many other fascinating animals living in the Aquarium at uShaka Sea World where the staff on hand are delighted to lead you on your journey of marine discovery.