Fact Sheets
Bony Fish

Greater yellowtail

(Seriola dumerili)

Greater yellowtail are the largest of the three yellowtail species (Seriola) found in South African waters; they have an amber stripe running along the midside of the body and the second dorsal and anal fins are shorter than in the similar looking longfin yellowtail (Seriola rivoliana).




Kob (salmon, kabeljou, croaker, drum) belong to the scientific group of fish named the Sciaenidae. They are common throughout the world and are highly valued as table fish. About nine different species of Sciaenids are found off South Africa; the most common are the squaretail kob , silver kob, dusky kob or dagga salmon and the snapper kob.


Natal stumpnose

(Rhabdosargus sarba)

This deep-bodied species has a rounded dorsal profile. The golden centre of each scale often gives the impression of longitudinal lines along the flanks.


Orbicular batfish

(Platax orbicularis)

This fish can be identified by its pale body with brown crossbars and a black blotch above the pelvic fin. Juveniles have long, exaggerated dorsal and anal fins.


Potato bass

(Epinephelus tukula)

The potato bass is an elongate and very robust fish with a huge mouth and rounded tail. The overall colour is light brown with large, dark spots on its body which resemble potatoes. Smaller spots can be found on the head and fins.