Fact Sheets
Bony Fish

Bigeye kingfish

(Caranx sexfasciatus)

The upper surface of this robust fish is silver to grey and the belly is white. There is a distinct black spot on the gill covers and the anal and dorsal fins have white tips.


Black musselcracker

(Cymatoceps nasutus)

This species is the second-largest member of the family Sparidae. It has a deep, robust body, with a big head. Older specimens develop extended fleshy snouts. They are stockier and more thickset than the white musselcracker. Colour varies with age and size; adults are a sooty grey to black in colour with a white chin and belly.


Bony fish

There is a great diversity of bony fish species. Here, some of the more interesting specimens including the devil firefish, emperor angelfish, garden eel and Knysna seahorse are illustrated and discussed.


Brindle bass

(Epinephelus lanceolatus)

The brindle bass is a large, robust fish with a rounded tail. The colour varies greatly with size.


Giant kingfish

(Caranx ignobilis)

This large fish has a deep, robust body which is silver-grey in colour with a darker dorsal surface and white belly. Irregular, small black spots occur on the back and upper sides. The fish has small scales except for two small naked patches in front of the pectoral and pelvic fins.