Fact Sheets

Spotted grunter

(Pomadasys commersonnii)

These popular table fish have long, sloping foreheads with a pointed snout. The dorsal surface of the silvery body is covered with many small brown spots that extend onto the dorsal fins. A distinct black blotch occurs on the serrated gill cover. Spotted grunter prefer the brackish waters of shallow coastal estuaries and lagoons.


Spotted ragged-tooth shark

(Carcharias taurus)

These charismatic creatures are commonly seen cruising the gullies on Aliwal Shoal, Quarter–Mile Reef at Sodwana and other rocky reefs. Although they are large and can be aggressive if provoked, ragged-tooth sharks are generally passive.


The Sardine Run

The sardine run is an annual phenomenon that occurs during winter when large shoals of pilchards enter KwaZulu-Natal waters from cooler Cape waters. The great bulk of South Africa’s pilchard stock is found between the Agulhas Bank (off the Cape South Coast) and the West Coast. Each winter, however, a small proportion of the stock expands its range eastwards to move up the coast.