National Spatial Biodiversity Assessment

This study builds on the Conservation Plan developed for Temperate South African estuaries under the Cape Action for People and the Environment (CAPE) programme’s Regional Estuary Management. Whereas the CAPE Estuary Conservation Plan identified both the set of estuaries required to meet biodiversity targets and the set required to maximise net economic value while meeting those targets, this study only goes so far as to identify the core set at the national level. Economic and social considerations may eventually dictate that some changes will need to be made to this list, but until such analyses are undertaken and justifications made in this regard, the list provided here should be taken to be the list of estuaries which should be prioritised for conservation action. The Oceanographic Research Institute’s role was to provide specialist input with regard to estuarine invertebrates and also expert knowledge of KwaZulu-Natal estuaries and estuarine-related issues.