uShaka Sea World teams up with Woolworths and MySchool

  • 27 September 2013 | Ann Kunz | Category: Education

Mpho Lephalia teaches learners about the importance of preventing ocean pollution

This year uShaka Sea World joined up with the Woolworths Making the Difference Education Programme and MySchool, who brought 450 learners and their teachers to participate in the 2013 International Beach Clean-Up.  

The learners were briefed by the director of uShaka Sea World's Education Centre, Jone Porter, on the detrimental effects of pollution on our oceans and how this impacts on marine species.

Schools were divided into groups of 10 and allocated an uShaka Sea World staff member before heading off to the beach to collect litter. Not only did the learners set about enthusiastically collecting rubbish, they also sorted and counted their piles of litter to identify major contributors.

On the Addington and uShaka beaches, the main sources of pollution were fast-food packaging, straws and sucker sticks. One item was strange – earbuds – which are not normally used on the beach, but are flushed down toilets and end up in the sea. Earbuds are plastic-based and need to go into dustbins for correct disposal so they cannot harm the environment.

The top six pollutants collected on the day were:

  • Paper bags 650
  • Plastic bags 1 248
  • Caps and lids 1 405
  • Food wrappers/containers 1 183
  • Cigarette filters 3 977
  • Earbuds 322

Learners pick up the smallest pollutants off the beaches around uShaka Sea World

To reward their sterling effort all participants received snacks, a souvenir T-shirt and cap from Woolworths, and a shopping bag made from recycled material to remind them to reduce use of plastic bags.

Pollution is an ongoing challenge along South Africa's 3000km coastline, which means we shouldn't wait for this special occasion to do our bit to clean up our beaches. Why not take along a black refuse bag next time you go to the beach and fill it with anything that doesn't belong on the beach or in the water?

Find out more about what you can do to help our oceans.

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