uShaka Sea World Education Centre offers a wealth of support to educators

The uShaka Sea World Education Centre offers a range of courses, lessons and educators’ workshops that tie in perfectly with the National School Curriculum.

Our passionate Education Centre team has just rolled out the programme for 2016 which caters for the full spectrum of learners, from Grade R through to Grade 11.

Topics range from "Biodiversity and classification: The biodiversity and threats in the marine environment" to "How to classify animals into groups", "Classification – Invertebrate phyla and how their body plans, symmetry and gut structure contribute to their groupings." This course includes touch specimens from each phylum.

There are even hands-on activities and a fun course for the little ones from Grade R to Grade 3, entitled: "Ocean Connections – Exploring the similarities and differences between animals and a variety of ocean habitats."

Outreach initiatives take education to rural classes who cannot get to uShaka Sea World

The courses are four-hour interactive marine experiences which the children really enjoy. Built into each course are intensive focus aspects such as specialist guiding and group activities with smaller groups of 12.

Special 45-minute lessons are also offered to learners from Monday to Friday at the uShaka Sea World Education Centre in Durban. Lesson topics cater for all school ages and include themes such as population ecology, animals and ecosystems, marine ecology and a fishy fun puppet show.

There are also special courses aimed specifically at educators and those interested in marine careers, and a collection of informative fact sheets on marine species that are downloadable on the uShaka Sea World website.

Education Centre staff also conduct outreach workshops at rural schools where they take the lessons and some marine creatures right into the classroom.

The Sea World Education Centre offers a range of educational experiences that will inspire your learners and foster a love for the ocean while linking to the school curriculum. For more information call uShaka's Education Centre on (0)31 328 8195/6 or fax them on (0)31 328 8211 or email:

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