Live radio broadcast spreads uShaka Sea World's conservation message

Radio 2000's Bertha Charuma (right) holds a loggerhead turtle for the first time, assisted by uShaka Sea World's Malini Pather

Radio 2000 presenter Bertha Charuma’s Life with Bertha show (9am to 12pm) featured a couple of celebrities with a difference this week when it was aired live from uShaka Sea World.

Bertha’s first “guest” on Thursday 13 December was Dee, the oldest African penguin in the uShaka Sea World colony. As curator for mammals and birds Gabby Harris conveyed to Radio 2000 listeners the importance of human impact on our marine environment, Dee was not shy about interrupting the conversation as she inspected buttons and other interesting paraphernalia on the table.

Next, Bertha got to grips with some of the ocean’s bottom-dwelling creatures, such as sea cucumbers and urchins, provided by marine educator Samantha Saunders. The role of these slimy and prickly specimens was to highlight the importance of preserving South Africa’s marine biodiversity.

uShaka Sea World's Gabby Harris and Kelly de Klerk introduce African penguin Dee to Bertha Charuma

Coco the loggerhead turtle and aquarist Malini Pather shared uShaka Sea World’s holiday message from all marine creatures: “Please don’t litter!” Even if you are litter-conscious but come across someone else’s rubbish, think of the turtles' welfare and set a good example by picking it up.

uShaka Sea World enjoyed hosting Bertha and her team, and sharing the beauty of our marine world with listeners from all over South Africa. 

This was the first time Bertha had come close to a penguin or turtle, and definitely the first time she had touched sea cucumbers and urchins. Although a little intimidated, we feel confident that Bertha will be back to explore the Aquarium and learn more about our precious marine world. 

Thanks to the Radio 2000 team for joining us, and for helping to share our conservation and education message with listeners.

If you listened to the broadcast, please tell us what you enjoyed most about it and which creature you’re most looking forward to seeing when you visit us.

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