Judy Mann appointed as new SAAMBR CEO

  • 09 August 2012 | SAAMBR

Judy's passion for the ocean and its creatures is obvious

Thanks to almost twenty years’ experience in SAAMBR’s three operating divisions, the official appointment of new CEO, Judy Mann was a seamless one.

Announcing Judy’s appointment, which came into effect on 1 July 2012, outgoing CEO Dr Mark Penning said: “Judy has performed with distinction, and has served as acting CEO in my absence on occasion. She has managed the biggest operating division in our business through this time, and we are confident she is ready to take the step up from senior management to CEO.”

Judy is as passionate about her chosen career today as she was when she first showed an interest in all things marine. At age two she caught her first fish in the Transkei and insisted on sleeping with it on her pillow!

“I have always had a passion for the ocean and a desire to inspire others to care for the ocean. My father was an early source of inspiration, along with many mentors along the way,” says Judy.

Never losing focus of what she wanted to do in life, Judy studied at Rhodes University, earning degrees in zoology, microbiology, ichthyology and business administration. She is active in numerous scientific and conservation organisations and has written many articles and scientific papers.

She has worked as a scientist at SAAMBR’s Oceanographic Research Institute, and, as the Director of Education, was instrumental in growing and developing the potential of the Sea World Education Centre.

Judy was appointed to the position of Director of Sea World in 2003, and guided her team through the construction and start-up of uShaka Sea World.

Having garnered experience in all three of SAAMBR’s operating divisions – uShaka Sea World, the Education Centre and the Oceanographic Research Institute – she has a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the Association.

“I am honoured to have been selected to lead SAAMBR into the future,” says Judy. “SAAMBR is an amazing non-profit organisation that has been dedicated to marine conservation for over 60 years.’

Judy is positive about the future of marine conservation in South Africa and looks forward to SAAMBR growing in its research, education and Sea World operations.

Dr Mark Penning, who served as SAAMBR’s CEO from 2003 left South Africa at the end of June 2012 to take up an executive position with Walt Disney World Resorts.

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