Gambit the dolphin acknowledged with Living Legend Award

At the 8th eThekwini Living Legends Awards ceremony on Saturday 29 August at the International Convention Centre in Durban, the City of Durban acknowledged with appreciation the work done by the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR), and the role Gambit the dolphin has played for the past 40 years in inspiring people to care for the marine environment.

The eThekwini Living Legends Awards ceremony honours past and present eThekwini citizens who have diligently dedicated their time and skills to uplift communities and who have contributed immensely to the development of society at large.

Having evolved into a programme, from what was previously an annual one-day event, the eThekwini Living Legends Awards today form part of the eThekwini Heritage – Our Legacy strategy, led by the municipal Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit.

Gambit poses with his award as trainer Kelly de Klerk looks on

They acknowledged Gambit’s critical role in inspiring people to think about where their litter goes and to ensure that they do not contribute to marine pollution. After all, if Gambit can throw litter into a bin, so can everyone.

Although much of the focus was on Gambit’s contribution to conservation, the work done by SAAMBR was showcased with equal enthusiasm. Mention was made of the work done by the scientists to achieve SAAMBR's current position as one of the leading research institutes in the Western Indian Ocean region. 

At the awards ceremony, the city representative also highlighted the work done by uShaka Sea World staff in inspiring people to care for the oceans by showcasing the amazing diversity of life found along the KwaZulu-Natal coast. 

Attendees also applauded the work done by the Education Centre in teaching millions of young people about marine animals and plants, and the role that all South Africans can play in the conservation of the oceans.

Fellow Living Legends Judge Khayelihle Mthiyane, Bheki Mkhwane, Moses Tembe, Thulkana Palan Edmund Mhlongo and Bishop Mike Vorster meet Gambit

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