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uShaka Sea World curator receives PAAZA Keeper of the Year award

  • 15 June 2015 | Judy Mann, conservation strategist | Category: uShaka news

During the gala dinner of the 2015 PAAZA Conference held at the Salt Rock Hotel in KwaZulu-Natal in May, Simon Chater, curator of the uShaka Sea World aquarium, was awarded the PAAZA Keeper of the Year award.


uShaka Sea World hosts five day workshop for KZN Small Scale Fisheries monitors

The uShaka Sea World Education Centre has welcomed 23 KwaZulu-Natal Small Scale Fisheries monitors and co-ordinators for a week of interactive training.


New appointment for Emma, the education expert

uShaka Sea World Formal Education Department staff member Emma Chiliza has contributed greatly to the marine education of hundreds of learners since the aquarium opened in 2004. In recognition of her valuable contribution, Emma was recently promoted to School Operations Manager.


Selso is back again – in PE

After 10 months at sea, Selso the elephant seal has returned to South Africa after an adventurous trip to Antarctica and is currently resting at Bayworld in Port Elizabeth under the watchful eyes of Greg Hofmeyer and the Bayworld team.


New exhibit raises public awareness about endangered seahorses

Tucked into an alcove around the corner from the Snorkel Lagoon, uShaka Sea World’s new seahorse exhibit – home of a group of Knysna seahorses, yellow seahorses, lined seahorses and pipefish – is attracting great public interest.


Where is Gru the sub-Antarctic seal heading?

Gru, an adult sub-Antarctic fur seal, was brought into uShaka Sea World on Saturday 26 April by staff from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, after stranding on a beach between Banana Beach and Hibberdene on the lower South Coast.


A milestone for Storm the ragged-tooth shark

Storm the ragged-tooth shark celebrated a milestone on Sunday 9 March 2014 – she was born at uShaka Marine World’s Large Shark exhibit on a very stormy afternoon exactly a year earlier, one of only a handful of this species to have been born in an aquarium anywhere in the world.


Record number of Gaboon adders born in Dangerous Creatures exhibit

A slither of 47 young snakes greeted herpetologists who arrived for work recently at uShaka Sea World’s Dangerous Creatures exhibit.


uShaka Sea World mourns loss of dolphin calf

The uShaka Marine World family is sad to announce that their newest addition – a week-old dolphin calf, has died.


Marine courses for ocean enthusiasts

Calling all ocean enthusiasts – whether you’re a surfer, paddler, beachcomber, fisherman, diver or someone who simply enjoys sitting and reflecting on the ocean and its wonderful creatures, uShaka Sea World has two exciting marine courses planned for 2014, under the banner “Understanding Our Oceans”.


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