uShaka Sea World records first wormfish discovery in South African waters

uShaka Sea World aquarists diving in the Durban harbour discovered a shoal of wormfish, the first record of this fish family in South African waters.


Selso the seal to head out to sea soon

There was a meeting of the minds at uShaka Sea World recently to decide on the future of Selso, a young southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) currently undergoing rehabilitation at the facility.


Ragged-tooth shark joins the Reef Exhibit

After spending five months in a holding facility, Storm the ragged-tooth shark joined her kind in the uShaka Sea World Reef Exhibit on Friday, 16 August 2013.


Annual check up for the rays – a photo essay

In preparation for the rays’ annual medical check-ups at uShaka Sea World, a team of approximately 25 staff members gather around the top of the Open Ocean exhibit.


Short-term home for hammerhead sharks in Point Waterfront canal

  • 31 May 2013 | Ann Kunz | Category: Species

Eight young hammerhead sharks being temporarily accommodated in the Point Waterfront canal are enjoying 24-hour protection courtesy of the Durban Point Waterfront Management Association.


New cownose rays to be hand fed in Rocky Reef Exhibit

  • 19 April 2013 | Ann Kunz | Category: Species

For the first time in its history, uShaka Sea World will be introducing cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) to the public – in its Rocky Reef Exhibit later this month. In another first for an African aquarium, staff have taught the rays to accept hand-held food.


Birth of thorntail ray pups delights uShaka Sea World visitors

  • 31 January 2013 | Ann Kunz | Category: Species

There was a special bonus in store for visitors to uShaka Sea World on Saturday 26 January 2013, when a thorntail ray in the Open Ocean Exhibit gave birth to four pups.


Penguin pairings plan to increase genetic diversity

It had all the makings of a match made in heaven when a trio of African penguins was flown to Cape Town last week, to meet potential mates at the Two Oceans Aquarium.


Dangerous Creatures exhibit to reopen in December

  • 21 November 2012 | Ann Kunz | Category: Species

A fire broke out in uShaka Sea World’s Dangerous Creatures Exhibit during the early hours of 18 November 2012. Staff on duty alerted the fire department and safety officers who were on the scene soon afterwards.


Learn about careers in the sciences during National Science Week

  • 13 July 2012 | SAAMBR | Category: Species

During National Science Week – 30 July to 6 August 2012 – the uShaka NPC Sea World Education Centre will be running special events to promote interest in marine science.


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