ORI celebrates 30 years of citizen science through its tag-and-release project

Guests arrived from as far afield as Cape Town and Grahamstown, to celebrate 30 years of citizen science through the marine fish tag-and-release project. One intrepid tagger even drove from East London to take part.


Foreign scientists learn survey techniques at ORI

The Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI), based at uShaka Sea World, hosted a group of 30 scientists from countries along the coast of Africa, Mauritius and Bangladesh from 29 June to 17 July 2015.


Selso the seal heads south – part two

After spending three months in recovery at Bayworld Aquarium in Port Elizabeth after once again stranding on a beach, Selso the seal was released on 27 February, 50 nautical miles off the Eastern Cape coastline, from where he will head for Antarctica.


SAAMBR flag flies high at Science for Sustainability event in Germany

  • 04 February 2015 | Judy Mann, conservation strategist | Category: Research

The ancient city of Bremen in northern Germany in temperatures of 2°C was an unlikely place to be discussing the challenges of communicating marine science in the tropics. However, in mid-January 2015, this was the venue for the first ZMT Workshop on Science for Sustainability – the Contribution of Transdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange. And SAAMBR was in attendance.


What do our visitors really want?

  • 02 December 2014 | Saambr | Category: Research

This is a question often asked by managers of many different attractions: aquariums to nature reserves, science centres to museums, tourism-based attractions such as whale-watching charters, and environmental education facilities.


Looking back to see the future – foraminifera hold the answers

Our planet has been through climate changes many times over millennia. We know this because scientists, including those at SAAMBR’s Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI), study fossilised remains of plants and animals.


Fisherman's unusual catch makes a valuable contribution to marine science

A Saturday morning fishing expedition for a Durban man ended in a scramble for marine scientists and a valuable contribution to research data.


Grant Christie shares highlights of his solo walk along the South African coastline

Last week SAAMBR was privileged to host Grant Christie, who is on a solo expedition to walk the entire length of the South African coastline for a project he calls Six Million Steps.


Innovative targeted feeding benefits flapnose rays

uShaka Sea World is achieving success with a targeted method of feeding rays in its care.


Mazda Wildlife Fund supports ORI Coral Reef Research

  • 04 May 2012 | ORI | Category: Research

The Mazda Wildlife Fund has supported the Oceanographic Research Institute’s (ORI) Coral Reef Programme for more than two decades. Mazda’s commitment commenced in 1992 when the fund decided to include the ORI Coral Reef Programme in its flagship suite of conservation-orientated projects.


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Mazda Wildlife Fund supports ORI Coral Reef Research

The Mazda Wildlife Fund has supported the Oceanographic Research Institute’s…

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