Among a range of other organisations, aquaria and zoos around the world are well known for their band of loyal volunteers. Without their tireless energy we would be hard pressed to continue our vital work: teaching people to care for the ocean. 

SAAMBR is no different and we are supported by a volunteer base of over 70 enthusiastic people who serve in either the Education Centre, Mammals and Birds or in the Aquarium.

All volunteers undergo training and are slowly guided into their roles as SAAMBR volunteers. Some of our volunteers have been with us for more than 35 years and are remain valued members of the SAAMBR team. The most essential requirement one needs prior to being accepted as a volunteer is a passion for the marine environment.

Volunteer guides

For the more mature person keen to volunteer, the Education Centre provides the most suitable environment in which to become an ocean ambassador and share your passion with others. Volunteer guides work on courses and at various stations in the Aquarium where they interact with the public in an informal manner. They enrich a visitor’s Aquarium experience by sharing information about the marine world and helping with arts and crafts activities.


Mammals and Birds

The Mammals and Birds department depends on volunteers to assist with everyday support duties in the dolphin, seal and penguin areas. Duties in the dolphin and seal exhibits require many hours of cleaning and scrubbing, and are quite physically demanding. Volunteers in this department may also be called upon to assist with stranded animals, animal behaviour observations and special round-the-clock animal care.



Volunteers in the Aquarium assist aquarists in the daily tasks required to ensure that our animals get the best care possible. For the post-matric volunteer, the aquarium will possibly provide a stimulating and rewarding environment as the daily tasks are varied and involve everyday animal care.


Download your volunteer application form below.

Saambr volunteer application form