A view from the walkway into the aquarium

uShaka Sea World features the largest aquarium in Africa, with underground viewing galleries extending 500 meters through a series of four superbly designed old shipwrecks. 

Every exhibit was designed to represent not only the natural habitat of the sea creatures residing within, but to depict a story that ties in with the "phantom ship" theme.

The aquarium showcases marine life found in the Western Indian Ocean. More than 389 different marine species are housed in seven large exhibits and 49 smaller exhibits. The aquarium has a holding capacity of 11-million litres. Sea water is pumped into uShaka from the ocean at the rate of 360 cubic meters per hour.

Seals are natural performers

The dolphinarium is designed to seat 1 200 guests with the smaller seal stadium alongside it, seating 350.

The dolphin and seal exhibits are open to the public at certain advertised times during the day while the penguin rookery is open throughout the day with feeding times highlighted on the daily programme.   

For most of our guests, a visit to uShaka Sea World is not complete without a visit to the dolphin show. The seal pantomime guarantees to put a smile on everyone's face as the prirate theme unfolds with the assistance of the diligent and helpful seals.

African penguins are a lot smaller than most people realise

The penguin exhibit is open throughout the day and provides a welcome resting spot for weary feet after hours of walking around the park. 

From the penguin exhibit if you are lucky you can see the dolphins at play in the adjacent interaction exhibit. Guests also sit mesmerised watching the black-and-white flightless birds waddle and hop clumsily about their business in the penguin exhibit.

Challenge your preconceptions with a visit to the dangerous creatures exhibit. Here you will encounter a host of beautiful, interesting and dangerous animals, including a consignment of Madagascan animals confiscated at OR Tambo Airport en route from Madagascar to the Czech Republic.

A ring-necked spitting cobra in the Dangerous Creatures exhibit